Eden Studio

We are a vibrant, creative studio that delivers purpose driven design and engaging experiences for businesses who want to stand out and step into the spotlight.

What We Do

We are making web sites acording to international standarts using wordpress platform. The sites which we made run with all of operation systems: Android, ios, windows mobile...
Ordering the sites at our Studio you will get:

Meet the team

  • Samuel-e1471885543759


    Nothing impossible

    Samvel Kharatyan Creative director, team leader

    Samvel has fine experience in team work and managing the team. On a personal level he has the ability to maintain and cultivate relationships with colleagues across all levels within a business. He always has creative ideas for improve our work.  

  • Hambardzum-e1471885560397


    Coffee and KitCat

    Hambardzum Vardanyan Photographer, Graphic designer

    Hambardzum isn’t afraid of hard work, possess a flexible approach to difficult tasks and thrive in a fast paced environment. He has excellent working knowledge of creative suite including Photoshop, Lightroom Illustrator, InDesign and more.

  • Aram-e1471885571399


    All things are possible

    Aram Vardanyan Web Designer and Developer

    Aram is a hard working, motivated individual with experience in graphic and web design/development. He will help you to have the best beautiful and quality web site. He is very motivated to learn new skills and develop his knowledge.

Clients said

  • Anahit

    I would like to thank the Eden Studio for superb occupation and on-time delivery.

    Anahit Gevorgyan
  • adrian

    Eden Studio is a very professional and dedicated web development team. They deliver high-quality results with a clean, optimised and bug-free code. And best of all, they work very fast. Some time ago I approached Eden Studio for a small script and since then I'm coming back to them for all my webdev-related needs. Outstanding experience, every time!

    Adrian from Holland

Wedding Web Sites

This is the best way to save, show and share the best unforgettable times of you wedding. Save your photos and your love unique story in the web!

Nick & Sarah

Michayel and Ashley

Adam and Eva

Joshua and Maggie

Gisel and Brian

Sam and Aisha

Matthew and Mallory

Sarah and Jake